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Fruge Seafood has been in the seafood distribution business for 30 years. As with most businesses that have been operating this long, they wanted to start on their path to digital transformation.

Client:  Fuge Seafood

Services:  On-going consultation and digital transformation

Industry: Seafood Distribution


Fruge has many legacy systems for sales and operations and wanted to transition to more modernized systems. The downturn from Covid-19 has presented them with a unique opportunity to retool their company for a future facing growth period.


Sales is the key driver of any business, so this is where we began. Our methodology is to lay a strong foundation with the first step of the organization process, this is sales. We studied their sales processes, evaluated multiple CRMs and chose Pipedrive for is extensibility into other system with Webhooks and API's readily available. Setting up this first step in digital transformation enables further integrations later on down the road into an agile Microsoft Dynamics workplace for orders and operations.

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