Efficiency in Child Services.

Streamlining Office 365 rollout for adoption care.


Christian Family Care is an family services care organization with multiple locations throughout the Phoenix, Arizona area. They were looking for a way to modernize and streamline their organization with various Office 365 products.

Client:  Christian Family Care

Services:  Office 365 Services Automation

Industry: Family Services


Christian Family Care had several unfinished Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Apps that were non-functioning or incomplete. Their goal was to automate the manual pushing of paper and their internal IT requests.


After assessing Christian Family Care's digitization rework needs. We began the work of mapping out what their objectives and how best to achieve them. This resulted in rebuilding some of the automations previously setup that were non-functional. In addition to this, we also mapped out several IT applications built on Microsoft Power Apps. We streamlined the applications and setup Christian Family Care for IT success.


All of this hard work finally paid off and we helped achieve the organizational needs.

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